Covid-19 Cleaning Protocols


Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many new health and safety issues have arisen.The public health and all health organizations have advised the public to thoroughly clean all highly affected surfaces and disinfect them as often as possible. Disinfection involves the use of chemicals to kill any germs that may remain on surfaces, further reducing the risk of spread. As disinfectants are less effective in the presence of dirt, it is advisable, when the surfaces are soiled, to clean before disinfection.

• Cleaning followed by disinfection is recommended for objects and surfaces that are frequently touched (counters, tables, chairs, desks, door handles, switches, telephones, computer accessories, payment, photocopier). It is recommended that this be done at least every shift, when the surface is visibly soiled and, when relevant, between each user or more frequently depending on the intensity of their use.

• For shared tools and equipment, clean between each user group using soap and water or detergent, then disinfect it. We will be able to give you the appropriate advice according to your activities and your work schedules in order to establish a personalized work program that will meet your budget and your needs.


    Type of cleaning :